Customer Testimonials

" We absolutely admire our Ches Homes Modular Home! We are so appreciative of Ches Homes and it's team of professionals. No task was too small for their full attention. Our neighbors, family and friends complement us on the beauty and quality of the features of our home. Some have even commented that if they had to build all over again, they would go Modular. We highly recommend Chesapeake Homes!"

Reggie and Karen 

“All of the personnel at Chesapeake Homes were friendly and pleasant to deal with. We would recommend Chesapeake Homes to friends.”

Gale & Evelyn 

“They are the most friendly and very easy people to deal with and answer every question.”


“Honest quality work at a fair price.  Very attentive and cooperative craftsman.”

Bruce & Karen 

“We could not be more pleased with our home.  It surpassed all our expectations and was completed on time and without any problems.  Mr. Dilday was wonderful to work with.  Since our home was built in 2000, it has survived three major hurricanes (Isabelle-Ernesto-Irene) without any damage, while some of our neighbors who had their Homes stick-built suffered extensive damage.  I would highly recommend Chesapeake Homes to anyone considering new construction.”

Sam & Gina 

“Our experience with Chesapeake homes was an absolute pleasure from start to finish.  They were very helpful and collaborative during the entire project.  We got helpful suggestions throughout the design and selection process, and the entire construction and completion process was a joy.  It was clear that Chesapeake Homes’ primary concern was our satisfaction and happiness, and we are very satisfied and very happy with our home.  We love our new home, and would strongly recommend Chesapeake Homes to anyone considering a home construction project on the Northern Neck, or anywhere that Chesapeake Home is willing to build one.”


"Building a new home through Chesapeake Homes was a great experience that we would recommend to anyone wishing to build a home. A knowledgeable and caring staff worked with us to create a unique and attractive custom built home. "

Floyd & Beth 

"It's a beautiful, well-built house , better than we expected. We were fortunate to meet Lloyd Dilday and his professional staff at Ches Homes.The construction foreman, Mike and crew were especially courteous and great craftsmen. The office staff were friendly and helpful also. We highly recommend Ches Homes for building your Dream Home!"

Billy & Merl

"The staff at Chesapeake Homes made everything very easy for us. We knew we were going to be treated well and we were getting a good quality with great customer service. We Love our Home!"

Charles & Tammy


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